greetings and welcome to the Eco lodge!

In July 2000, the Cree Village Eco Lodge opened as the first Indigenous owned Eco Lodge in the northern hemisphere. This modern building is a state of the art eco-tourism facility, designed and operated by the MoCreebec people in accordance with traditional values and a focus on Cree cultural and ecological sustainability. At least five years of planning prior to the opening, the committee of community members paid attention to every detail in the building of the lodge. The twenty guest room Eco Lodge is designed for maximum comfort and minimal environmental impact.

Living on the edge of the world…

Our guests sometimes describe it as living "on the edge of the world". Just out the door is the entire James Bay sub-arctic region to explore. A nature trail lays close to the Eco Lodge and across the river is Tidewater Provincial Park, a small island with hiking trails and rugged camping spots. A short boat ride downriver takes you to the saltwater of James Bay where seals and beluga whales are common at certain times. Bay river systems abound with fish and wildlife including moose and caribou, pike and trout, geese, eagles and many other species of migratory birds. A short walk away are historical buildings and fur trade sites dating back to the 17th century.

Transforming the world, one guest at a time…

By building the Eco Lodge, we embrace ecotourism on our terms as a viable form of sustainable economic development. Working with local people, communities and networks, we believe that ecotourism offers a healthy economic activity that supports our cultural values and is based on our traditional skills. We believe Indigenous people are naturally situated to act as hosts of the natural world.

If you would like to learn more about the lodge and what we are about, come to Moose Factory for a visit. The best way to experience the lodge is to be in it.

Your destination is our journey together.